Friday, September 28, 2018

Dispelling Grim - Bob Smeets

A horror film about defeating or at least minimizing the things that haunt us.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Dirty Paws

We need sin! oh, where is the sin?
Oh what a surprise,
The little sheep dog found it
Sin lives where target
And the dollar store meet
In the corner
Always in the corners
Wait until the doorway opens sheep dog
Wait for a moment
Will yourself to explore
Then run to the corner sheep dog
Get yourself a high perch
Climb on the wall
Then jump on down
In the muck and the bile
Get the sin all over your paws
Stay for a short while
In the disgusting, black ooze
Let it mingle on your paws
Then leave
That was better
good dog!

The Painted Veil

The trees beside the fast freeway,
those fields past the fences,
with a cow here and there
and an electrical grid.

Fields of grass,
no houses or people,
perhaps a boring freeway sign -
an empty cigarette box.

Just dirt and sky.
Native American,
African American.

Is it just a field?

How many walls hide
what is truly in those fields?
The painted veil
is the nicest ruse.

Who walked those fields?
What will happen to those fields?

And then a store...
And a college...
And an airport...

Like the sky; emerald blue.
The clouds; milky white.
Rain falling on my windshield
What goes up must come down.

And oh, how it comes down.

But oh, nature...
The Ultimate Painted Veil!

A field needs rain,
Like a brush needs water.
A field needs lightning,
Like a painter needs a heart.
A field needs roots,
like a draftsman needs composition.
And a field needs a story,
As it is sometimes walked upon.

Can you stay in the sky forever?
Can I come up to see you?
Without my body?

If the veil is not made of surface,
Nor can looking for it see it,
Nor any scientific terms,
Then perhaps it is painted.

so enjoy the beauty around you.


Friday, August 10, 2018

It's all about learning! Really?

The tortoise is slow...
The hare is fast!

And the hare thinks it's winning
And the tortoise thinks it's losing

And woman love the hare
And woman hate the tortoise

The tortoise misses out on so much

But in that story they say the tortoise won?

It is a story about learning!

The fast learner gets everything
The slow learner really doesn't win the "actual" race!

That old fairy tale is a mind fuck!

They say the tortoise won because the hare kept getting distracted.
But in the hare's distraction it got everything it ever wanted.
The tortoise only got to win a stupid race!!!!

It's so sad that I'm a tortoise.

I hate myself
I hate the way I learn.
Fuck you!
leave me the fuck alone!
to hell with everybody!

one man's trash

your best friend
is that who
tells you
what you
don't want
to hear

it sounds wrong
it sounds ugly
it is trash

but if you hold on
wait, wait, wait,
give the benifet
of the doubt
and ultimately
the trash gets thrown out
wait again
and pick it back up
out of the trash!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Touch Threshold

Touch is the first sense to emerge in utero

Humans use Touch for plenty of things - petting, shaking hands, patting someone on the back, hugging someone

But when there is too much of the sense of touch people feel pain.

When you fall hard on the ground the sense of touch hurts you

Imagine being able to do the strongest of Senses

Sense of touch could have a pain threshold of 10 tons

Anything below that just feels soft anything above that hurts

So you would basically be able to fall from Great Heights and not be hurt

Why are we so fragile?

It is because we have a certain pain threshold with respect to touch

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Too many things to be

Because the absolute nature of my soul is to be
Then I am at the mercy of everything

Where is my veil, my rock, my shelter
That I might find refuge?

At what point does one object crash
into another objects territory?

When does being so open,
actually turn into closed?

When does being so crazy,
actually start making sense?

When does being in so much pain,
actually produce strength?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Slow Burn

i think we need to stop
or at least pause
yes, a long pause

sit forever on our porch
just our thoughts
and our feelings

the world is moving too fast
the end is inevitable
but where is the patients and dignity and peace

Monday, June 25, 2018

Cows, Chickens, and Pigs

And the cows, chickens, and pigs of this world shouted...

"I have to live in this world, do you not think I should know what it's made of?  I have to live in this world, do you not think I should know what it's made of?  I have to live in this world, do you not think I should know what it's made of?  I have to live in this world, do you not think I should know what it's made of?  I have to live in this world, do you not think I should know what it's made of?"

But the overseers said...

"If cows, chickens, and pigs knew the truth then the world would have to change... but we don't want that.
If cows, chickens, and pigs knew the truth that would mean they would have rights... but we don't want them to have rights.
If cows, chickens, and pigs knew the truth then they would have to live somewhere on there own... but we don't want to give up our land.
If cows, chickens, and pigs knew there was another race whose soul purpose was to eat them then there would be a war... but we will lose that war
If cows, chickens, and pigs knew the truth then our laws and culture would have to also serve them... but we don't want them to."

And the truth of the matter was...

Keep the cows, chickens, and pigs of this world stupid.  If they don't know any better then all the power to us.  Besides they may overtake us one day and we don't want that.  They may have some solutions to the many problems of the world and that's dangerous.  No keep the cows, chickens, and pigs of this world stupid.  And never let on that we know the truth.  Keep the game going.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Study time

gonna pull out the notebook and start studying.  some really good stuff in here at first glance.  very comprehensive.

What scares us the most?

These are the things that scare most of us the most according to James Geer who surveyed some students and polled a bunch of people and all that.

Failing a test
Injury of a loved one
Death of a loved one
Your own death
Being self conscious
Not being a success
Nuclear war
Speaking in front of a group
Looking foolish
Terrorist attacks
Making mistakes
The future
Being alone
Criminal or gang violence

cited from this video - Why are things creepy? which is really well done though he's a little too hype for me and he's got that formatted public speaking act going on.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I just rest...

my song when i'm driving home from playing basketball with friends (we play till midnight sometimes). certain songs just click in our hearts and minds.

Photo Art

Don't go sneaking around in abandoned factories... you may not like what you find.




Monday, May 21, 2018

Virtues Stream of Consciousness

Love is being one with someone else
Love is a tender kiss, hug, pat on the shoulder
How do I know love?
How do I give love?
Dogs give unconditional love
Confidence is personal to everybody
Why do I lack confidence?
Where can I find confidence?
Caring makes people feel well
Kindness makes people feel happy
Purity – Angels, trees, water, animals
How do I achieve purity?
How do I keep my thoughts pure?
Body? Mind?
How do I overcome my own defects?
How do I add wonder to my life?
Wonder is infectious
Share the wonder
How do I make something wonderful?
Find wonder
Find unity in friendship
Unity is seperate but can have a goal or point
Collective goal
Unity is one for all and all for one
Innocence – the games of a child
Detachment can allow for uniqueness
Perfectly fine to stand alone
Detachment allows for perspective
Joy is like a miracle
Joy tears
Don’t be afraid to think Big
Face your fears
Pursue your goals
Ideals should be pure
Share your ideals
The unknown
Knowledge is power
Share your knowledge
Power goes away
Collective knowledge is stronger than individual knowledge
Be open for knowledge of unsuspecting things
Knowing is in the heart – information is in the head
It takes strength to have determination
Determination requires forward thinking
Determination without stubborness
Strength has no labels
Strength need not be physical
Patiently waiting
Patiently not waiting
Patient for all the right reasons